Starry Night Painting #2

Last year we did a really great painting project based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and it’s one of my favorites. I found another similar idea for fingerpainting on foil to get the same type of brushstroke effect that Van Gogh used. The plan was to then make a print of it by putting a paper over top of it.

I put out sheets of foil with mostly blue paint and also a little of purple, white, and yellow. I had just finished doing a 1000-piece puzzle of this painting, so the boys were familiar with it. Love Bug wanted to look at the picture of the puzzle and then realized that I had forgotten to use the greenish brown color Van Gogh used for his tree!

It turned out that the boys wanted to use brushes instead of fingerpainting. They mixed all the colors together across the foil.


Then we printed the paper down.


It’s really fun to talk with Love Bug about actual paintings and painters.

The finished products….Sweet Pea’s and Love Bug’s:

DSC04534 DSC04533

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Square Compilation Project

I had a bunch of small colored square pieces that I had no real plan for. Finally I came up with this easy idea for the boys to color and decorate the different squares and then glue them all over a large paper to make a fun design.

DSC03936 DSC03938

It ended up being a bunch of fun colors and different-sized squares across a long sheet of paper. Love Bug’s finished product:


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Felt Sensory

While I was preparing our Valentine’s felt heart project, I saved the excess felt pieces for a sensory project for my Little Flower. I also cut up some additional colorful felt scraps and put them all together for a colorful, soft sensory basket.


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“Sand and Snow” Sensory ABC Search


My original plan was to do a cornmeal ABC sensory activity, but when I realized that I didn’t have any cornmeal I improvised with cracker crumbs. It really looked like sand when I put them in the plastic container. I added in some small colorful ABC magnet letters. Love Bug was upset because there wasn’t enough “sand” to completely cover the letters, so I improvised again and added in some cornstarch, which looked like snow.

The powdery cornstarch actually mixed up really well with the cracker crumbs so that it was a thicker consistency. The boys had a lot of fun searching for letters….and then covering themselves and each other in the snow/sand. Somehow it managed to stay in the container and on them without getting all over the floor or even on the blanket that we had beneath the container!

So it ended up being not too messy, though it did require a bath afterwards.

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Valentine Heart Puzzle

This was such an easy activity to set up. I think it took me 5 minutes to make one for each of the boys.

I found this cute idea for a heart-shaped name puzzle that I thought would be great for Valentine’s Day and for a new name recognition/spelling activity.

I cut out a heart shape and cut out pieces of it with the letters of their names on each piece. When they put the puzzle together, it spelled their names inside the heart.


Love Bug had so much fun that he then asked me to make one for his panda. He was also upset that it came out as a heart shape rather than an egg, but that makes me think this would also be a good egg activity for Easter, too!


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Felt Heart

Love Bug is so into Valentine’s Day this year! I knew he would enjoy having a bunch of heart-shaped felt pieces to do projects with. I cut out hearts in various shades of pink and red. Then, I drew a large heart on a paper, and he used that as a guide for where to glue down his felt hearts to make them into a big heart shape!


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Valentine Heart-Making Station

Love Bug is so excited about Valentine’s Day and projects with hearts, so I wanted to come up with an activity that involved a lot of heart-decorating.

I had a bunch of leftover pink paint samples from when we painted Little Flower’s room this summer, and I cut out heart shapes so that we started out with multi-shade pink hearts. I set out a bunch of different art supplies the boys could use to decorate the hearts. We had pompoms, sequins, small scraps of colorful paper, watercolor paints, and glitter. And of course glue.

DSC04540 DSC04541

Love Bug wanted to do one of each. Sweet Pea wanted to do one with glitter (mostly blue glitter because he was upset there were no blue hearts) and then filled the rest with pompoms.

Love Bug was really excited when his dried and he could hang them around the house.

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