I’m Kelly, a stay-at-home mom with two super fun boys and a baby girl. Love Bug (4) has been doing projects since a few months after he turned two, and Sweet Pea (2) loves to do whatever his brother does and more. Little Flower (10 months) has no idea how much fun she has ahead of her.

I’m not an artistic person at all. I always hated art class and my best drawing of a person is a stick figure. But I want my kids to enjoy art – even if they’re not good at it. I love watching the boys experiment and see what they can create. I love watching them get excited and get messy. I love when we make something like a ghost or a caterpillar that they play with for days afterwards. I love their proud smiles when they shows off their projects and give them to their grandparents.

We rarely paint with paintbrushes. We’ve used everything from ears of corn and pine cones to soap and yarn.

We make messes, we make noise, we have fun, and we learn all at the same time.


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