Mixed Material Mural

I set out a large sheet of paper (taped down on top of our huge cardboard box town for neatness) with different art supplies. I put out a bowl of chalk, another with crayons, and a cupcake tray with different colors of paint in cupcake liners. I also put out paintbrushes, cotton balls, and popsicle sticks to give a few options of ways to get the paint onto the paper. (I had meant to give them markers as well but forgot about them.)


They were excited to have a large canvas to work on. They each made their own separate areas to create on. Both started out painting with paintbrushes, using most of the colors and mixing them together. Love Bug experimented with different brush strokes and with splashing the paint onto the paper.


They also had fun exploring how the texture of the box underneath made the paint appear on the paper.


Then Sweet Pea started to explore using the popsicle sticks and finger painting. When the paint was pretty much used up, then they started using the chalk and crayons. They weren’t very interested in the crayons; I don’t think Sweet Pea touched them.

I really like how the black chalk showed up so dark, almost like charcoal.



About Kelly

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys and a girl. My Love Bug is 4 and has been doing art projects since just after turning 2. My Sweet Pea is 2 and tries to do everything his brother does. Little Flower is 4 months and has no idea of all the fun she has ahead of her.
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