Painting with Salt and Watercolors

This was a really simple painting project that came out with a cool effect. It probably would’ve looked even better if they’d covered their papers with more paint.

First, I wet the papers a little. Then, they painted over it with their watercolors. (The only problem was that their brushes were a little small so it wasn’t covering much space at one time.) Then, we sprinkled some salt over top.

Love Bug’s is on the top:


We let them dry and then brushed off the excess salt.

A close-up of the salt/paint effect:


About Kelly

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys and a girl. My Love Bug is 4 and has been doing art projects since just after turning 2. My Sweet Pea is 2 and tries to do everything his brother does. Little Flower is 4 months and has no idea of all the fun she has ahead of her.
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