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Painting with Strange Objects: Cotton Balls

Like bubble wrap and shaving cream, cotton balls are just plain fun for toddlers. About a year ago, when Love Bug was nearing age 3 and in a phase where he didn’t mind getting messy with paint, we used cotton … Continue reading

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Mess-Free Fingerpainting

For a finger painting experience that didn’t actually involve getting Love Bug’s hands dirty, we used plastic wrap for paint I put a few globs of paint on a paper and then put a piece of plastic wrap over top … Continue reading

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Spray Bottle Painting

This makes a good outdoor painting project. We watered down some tempera paints in spray bottles. We decided to mix yellow and red to make a reddish orange. Then we put out a large sheet of paper and sprayed the … Continue reading

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Kandinsky-Inspired Art

I like doing projects that are similar styles to famous paintings or famous artists. Even if we don’t end up actually talking about the original artwork, it’s still a fun change from what we normally do and a good experience. … Continue reading

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Pretend Cooking

Love Bug and Sweet Pea love helping in the kitchen. They help with any baking we do, plus they love to put in the ingredients for pancakes, waffles, smoothies, and (most of all) guacamole. Sweet Pea also likes helping make … Continue reading

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Fraction Math

I found this cute idea for felt fractions on Pinterest and made a set for us. It was really simple – just cut four felt circles and then cut them into pieces and wrote the fractions on them with glitter … Continue reading

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Shadow Hop

This is a really easy and fun outdoor gross motor game that Love Bug partly came up with on his own. We were outside on a sunny day, and he decided he wanted to stand on my shadow. So then … Continue reading

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