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Boats that Float

A fun activity we did a while back was to make some boats and then take them in the bath to make them float. We did two different kinds, which was a good way to compare which floated better, which … Continue reading

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Painting in the Rain

This was a very simple and fun project. Love Bug first painted on a paper with watercolors. Then, before it was dried, we took it outside in the rain (obviously not a day when it’s raining too hard). The raindrops … Continue reading

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Credit Card Painting

We didn’t actually use credit cards. Just an old library card! But obviously any card like that would work (expired gift card, etc.). We got this idea from from Happy Hooligans, and I thought the finished products there looked really … Continue reading

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Weather Charting

A really easy activity that incorporates both science and math at the same time. I was looking for some science and weather activities for Love Bug, and I found a weather graph. Our plan is to chart 2 weeks of … Continue reading

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Tin Can Painting

I love this idea for painting with tin cans! We didn’t wrap ours with yarn like the other site, though, because I thought it would still look pretty cool with just the ridges from the cans. The boys rolled their … Continue reading

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Bubble Wrap Jumping and Painting

Bubble wrap is fun. I found a sheet of it with our wrapping paper last summer and figured the boys would enjoy doing something with it. First, we used it for a jumping game. When we first did it, they … Continue reading

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Painting with Strange Objects: Yarn

A while back we used painting with pieces of yarn. Love Bug dipped the yarn into the paint and then dragged them across the paper. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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