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Tooth Projects, Part 2

Two more fun tooth crafts I found to help Love Bug get ready for his trip to the dentist: 1. Cotton Ball Tooth: Since they love gluing cotton balls, I figured we had to try this project. All I did … Continue reading

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Tooth Projects, Part One

Love Bug will be going to the dentist for the first time later this week (He’s coming with me to see what it’s like and then getting in the chair and probably having them just count his teeth but not … Continue reading

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Ice Painting, Sensory, and Science

Using an idea I’d found a while back, I froze some water into a big block of ice for the boys to paint it with watercolors. Love Bug had no interest, but Sweet Pea was really into it. When he … Continue reading

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Patterns and Matching

Love Bug is pretty good with basic math concepts as far as counting and number recognition, but I’ve been wanting to do more with him in terms of other math topics like patterns. He understands it but I’m always looking … Continue reading

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5 Classic Snow Projects

A few of our favorite snow and winter projects from last year (when Love Bug was 2 1/2)…. 1. Sprinkle Snowflake Love Bug painted three popsicle sticks, glued them into a snowflake shape, and then decorated them with sprinkles. 2. … Continue reading

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Pendulum Painting

Coolest. Project. Ever. Also could be considered: projects that’d probably be great to do outdoors instead, things you probably shouldn’t do the day AFTER mopping your kitchen floor, or products we don’t let Daddy witness while we’re in action. We … Continue reading

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Keeping Busy Indoors

I’ve been trying to find some unique ideas to keep the boys active and entertained inside while it’s freezing outside. Our boredom jar has been a huge help. These are a few of the fun ideas from there and some … Continue reading

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