Apple Charting

After our trip to the apple orchard, we did this apple charting game. I’d made a chart to separate the green and red apples beforehand, but when we ended up getting yellow ones too, we had to quick add a section for those so that part didn’t come out as organized.


Love Bug sorted the apples by color on the chart. Sweet Pea tried to help a little bit, too, but was mostly just putting the apples wherever he wanted and trying to eat them.

DSC09986Then we counted the ones for each color and talked about which one had the most and which one had the least.


He seemed to like it somewhat, but was done with it pretty quick. Then he decided we should cut off the bottom of the paper and turn it into a stoplight.

I found this and a few other ideas with apple sorting and graphing here.

About Kelly

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys and a girl. My Love Bug is 4 and has been doing art projects since just after turning 2. My Sweet Pea is 2 and tries to do everything his brother does. Little Flower is 4 months and has no idea of all the fun she has ahead of her.
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