Cornstarch and Water

I found this idea for a fun, sort of messy sensory project on this blog. All it is is combining cornstarch and water. The trick was getting the right ratio of the two things. I think I did one cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water, and then ended up just adding a little bit more of each til I got it just right.

The consistency of this stuff is great. It’s sort of liquid and sort of solid at the same time, which made it a lot of fun – for both boys! I love when they can actually play together, and it’s great to finally get Sweet Pea to do some activities. Of course he tried to eat it, but for the most part he was just enjoying sticking his hand in it and trying to pick it up.



and kind of gooey



About Kelly

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys and a girl. My Love Bug is 4 and has been doing art projects since just after turning 2. My Sweet Pea is 2 and tries to do everything his brother does. Little Flower is 4 months and has no idea of all the fun she has ahead of her.
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