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Chalk Drawings

We do a lot more with painting rather than drawing. Even when we pull out markers, Love Bug has more fun connecting the markers than he does using them. To change things up a little, I took a few pieces … Continue reading

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Soap and Shaving Cream Sensory

We haven’t being doing too many projects lately with the boys being sick, but today while Sweet Pea was napping we did this easy, sort of messy sensory activity¬†with foam soap, shaving cream, and paint. We made foam soap by … Continue reading

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Salt Chalk Art

This one sort of ended up being a disappointment, but I want to share it anyway because it was still a really fun process that could’ve turned out better if I’d done something differently. (Or maybe a lot of things … Continue reading

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Craft jar fun

One of Love Bug’s Christmas presents from his Auntie was a big jar of craft supplies. The other day I asked if he wanted to play the matching game Auntie had made for him (something else entirely) and he thought … Continue reading

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Non-toy Toys

On any given day, the mess of toys scattered throughout my living room and kitchen includes things like an empty yogurt container, a few bowls and spoons, a strainer, and enough “perfect pairs” of socks to cover the top of … Continue reading

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Make a Menu

Love Bug is obsessed with food, grocery shopping, and eating at restaurants. He doesn’t really like to eat very much, but he likes talking about and playing with food. So, I cut a bunch of pictures of foods out of … Continue reading

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C is for Cookie (Monster)

Sesame Street is very big in our house. Love Bug’s favorite toys are his little Sesame figures (his “Sessy-mes”). He likes to make them go grocery shopping with Duplo carts. (The carts have to be the same color as the … Continue reading

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