Baby Tissue Paper Sensory

I’m always looking for easy things to keep Little Flower busy while I’m cooking. This tissue paper sensory bowl was about as easy as could be and really kept her occupied for longer than any other similar activity so far. She really had fun pulling the pieces of tissue paper out of the bowl, putting them back in, and then starting to rip them into pieces.


I love watching her small fingers grabbing at things, and I think chubby baby arms are adorable. I love the fact that I’ve been able to find simple sensory and even some art activities for her at only 9 months!

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Reverse Prints

For a fun painting activity, I had Love Bug paint an entire sheet of paper however he wanted. He made it really colorful, but unfortunately for this project didn’t make the paint quite thick enough.


What we did next was printed another paper over top of it and then lifted it up to do a transfer.


He had fun seeing what was going to come up but was disappointed that none of the orange transferred over.

DSC04759 DSC04760

 I originally found this idea here.

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ABC Q-tip Painting

I found this really great idea for painting over letters using a q-tip. The point was to paint over it like you were actually writing the letters with paint, but when I gave Love Bug paints and a paper with the alphabet on it, he had his own plan.


He decided to just paint over the letters to make a really colorful alphabet, which we’re going to hang in his writing center.

I liked that Sweet Pea wanted to get in on the fun too because I like doing anything that helps him learn to recognize letters.


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Petite Picassos

We have a really great book of art projects based on the great artists, which is where I got this idea for single-color painting like Picasso did like. It just so happens that Love Bug’s favorite color is pink and Sweet Pea’s favorite is blue, so that tied in perfectly with Picasso’s Rose Period and Blue Period!

I gave each of them several shades of paint (four pinks for Love Bug and three shades of blue for Sweet Pea), and let them paint. Love Bug decided to paint a whole pink scene with a pink sun, clouds, and buildings. Sweet Pea just painted blue.

DSC04761 DSC04762

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Move Like a Sea Creature Game

Using an idea I found for an active Valentine’s gross motor game, I came up with a fun game using some of the sea creatures that the boys love. I cut 12 fish shapes out of construction paper and then wrote on each one of them a different activity to do like a different ocean creature.

DSC04696They had a lot of fun with this. Love Bug was really getting into it, and watching his silly moves was really fun for me, too.

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Ice Painting

For a quick but really messy art activity, we did ice painting. I set out a muffin tray with paint and an ice cube in each of the different cups. Love Bug and Sweet Pea used spoons to pick up the slippery, paint-covered ice cubes and paint with them.


I say that it was quick and messy because as the ice started melting (which didn’t take too long), it started getting slippery and really liquidy. So the papers were very damp and it was hard to continue painting for too long. Still, the boys (especially Sweet Pea, who took his time and had a very watery painting) had fun with it and enjoyed doing something different like this.


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Ocean Life Art

The boys (especially Love Bug) are really into ocean creatures right now (mainly thanks to Octonauts). So I decided to plan a bunch of activities with fish and other sea creatures. To start, I printed templates for fish, a seahorse, and an octopus. Love Bug was initially a little upset that there were no sharks, whales, or (his favorite) whale sharks.

Foil-Painted Fish: I covered our fish templates with foil, and the boys painted on top of the foil.


Fork-Painted Fish: They dipped plastic forks in paint to paint the fish, making a cool design from the fork.

DSC04554 DSC04558

Marbled Seahorse: We first put a layer of shaving cream on a tray and then added lines of different colors of acrylic paint on top. They used popsicle sticks to mix the paint and shaving cream together, and then they dipped the seahorse pictures in it. I scraped off the excess shaving cream, and when they dried there was a really unique look.


Glitter Fish: The boys put liquid glitter glue over their fish and then used a paintbrush to move it around and “paint” as much as they could.

Number 8 Octopus: I drew an octopus and put eight circles on each leg. The original plan was to do Cheerio gluing, but they wanted to color the circles and decorate them instead. An easy counting activity.


Potato Masher Fish: They dipped a potato masher in paint and used it to paint their fish, which ended up looking really fun.

DSC04563 DSC04564

At the end, we added some googly eyes. Some fish ended up with as many as 7 eyes because googly eyes are just so much fun.


I found these and some other ocean ideas here.


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